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Shipping: $50
Size/Type: 2
Color: Black
This gown is to die for and is in "like new" condition. This is a custom version of the former strapless gown that Sherri Hill put out that was identical except for the former version was strapless. It will fit measurements of 36-26-36 and measures 69" from the center of the shoulder to the very bottom, so it is long. Disregard the black bra strap on the photo of the back of the gown. Shipping is $50 because this gown is heavy and the bottom can not be scrunched up when requires a larger box. Price is firm...this gown was worn one time and sold for over $5,500. Breathtaking on stage!
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Seller: mousetrap (47)    Product Number: CPJ10076-gn
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