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Shipping: Depends on Location
Size/Type: 2
Color: Teal
This beautiful teal evening gown features a beautiful Moroccan inspired belt detail, one shoulder with an accent piece, a high slit and long train. The dress was a size 4, which has been altered only at the waist to a 2/0. This dress is ideal for a woman with a true hour glass shape. The length has never been altered. I am 5'8 and was wearing 6/7 inch heels so it has plenty of length to work with. I am also willing to discuss selling the custom earrings with the dress. Video of dress can be found here at time 57:20
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Seller: marisapaige (0)    Product Number: UAF10005-gn
Shipping: Depends on Location
Size/Type: 4
Color: Red
This beautiful Sherri Hill was originally a size six, and was altered to fit a size 2 (although the hips remained unaltered so someone with an hourglass figure would have no problem with this cut) The dress has plenty of length, as I am 5'8 and wore 6/7 inch heels. This gown features a sweetheart neckline, detachable belt, and extremely long train. The train can be easily altered to be shorter by removing bottom layer. Horse hair is around the entire base of the dress.
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Seller: marisapaige (0)    Product Number: UAF10006-gn
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