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Shipping: $15
Size/Type: 4
Color: Pink
Style No. 12511
New without tags
Never worn or altered
Great condition
Dress bag and extra beading included.

Originally part of Studio 17's Spring 2015 line.

Features a batseau/boat neckline, ruched tulle waistband, and a partially exposed back.

Both professional pictures and my own are shown. The dress for sale is pink.

**Note: Pageant Resale only allows six images to uploaded per listing, so PM me if there's anything else you'd like to see.
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Seller: madithomp7 (1)    Product Number: PQH10001-gn
Shipping: $15
Color: Pink
Le Suit Petite Interview Blazer and Skirt

Size 4P, altered to a 2P

Worn twice, but you can't tell.
Great condition

Original Price: $200

**Note: Pageant Resale only allows six photos to be uploaded per listing, so if there's something specific that you'd like to see please contact me directly.
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Seller: madithomp7 (1)    Product Number: PQH10003-is
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