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Shipping: Included
Size/Type: 2
Color: Teal
Custom One of a kind gown I designed !!! All hand beaded !!!! It's been worn 2 times by myself and a friend believe she won an award for the gown at state... She is a size 4 I am a 0. This is why I listed it as a 2. The cut and fabric are forgiving. The dress is long my friend is 5"10 she wore 4 in heels in the gown. Really don't want to sell it :( ...... Feel free to email with questions and offers !!!!!
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Seller: cjlm (0)    Product Number: ONE10001-gn
Shipping: Included
Size/Type: 0
Color: Blue
Gown was worn once for a pageant!!! Size 0 in Royal Blue !!! Feel free to ask questions or make offers !!! Current retail price is $630.
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Seller: cjlm (0)    Product Number: ONE10002-gn
Shipping: 15
Size/Type: 0
Color: White
White Sherri hill gown size 0 Only worn one time !!
Retails for 700$
Pia Miss Universe wore same dress in black as well as Nia Sanchez former Miss USA wore it in white.
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Seller: cjlm (0)    Product Number: ONE10003-gn
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