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Shipping: $9.95
Size/Type: 14
Color: Blue
2 pc Blue Glitz dress. Gently worn, excellent condition! Bodice has AB Rhinestones. Material is stretchy so it has "give" for sizing. Waist is 28", Chest approx. 29-30", skirt length is 13" from below the waist band. Back of the bodice is open (sorry model is wearing a black sports bra in the picture). Contact me for more information.
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Seller: TLucas60 (0)    Product Number: PIG10001-ch
Shipping: $9.95
Size/Type: 10
Color: White
Beautiful gently worn white gown. 4 pieces in all, 2 skirts (one long and one short) bodice and neck piece that goes over the bodice. Bodice and neck piece have Pearls and Rhinestones, there may be some rhinestones missing but easy to replace. waist is approximately 24", chest 26-28", length on long skirt is 37" from waist and the length on the short skirt is 16" (sorry short skirt needs steamed, picture shows it wrinkled). This dress has tons of potential! can be worn as is or updated easily as well.
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Seller: TLucas60 (0)    Product Number: PIG10002-ch
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