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Size/Type: 2
Color: Blue
Sherri Hill bought in February, worn once for prom. Originally a long dress and I still have the material that was taken off. Could possibly remake into long dress. Altered to size 0 but not cut (other than length)
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Seller: Sugahbowl2016 (1)    Product Number: TOV10004-gn
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Size/Type: 0
Color: Green
2 piece short formal. Paid $529 in 4/16. Worn once to prom. Altered some but not cut. Could be let out.
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Seller: Sugahbowl2016 (1)    Product Number: TOV10002-gn
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Size/Type: 2
Color: Green
Original design dress by well known Susan of Susan's Shoppe in Hattiesburg and Brookhaven MS. Paid $500 in September worn once in school pageant. Measures 25 inches across waist with some that could be let out. 38 1/2 inches from waist to floor gradually getting longer to back train of 49 ibches
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Seller: Sugahbowl2016 (1)    Product Number: TOV10003-gn
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