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Shipping: $25
Size/Type: 2
Color: White
This dress is STUNNING! This would be perfect for a high-level Teen or Miss pageant or to add to your appearance wardrobe. Worn only once to crown successor. The jersey knit flows flawlessly, and the beading is gorgeous! Because of the stretch fabric, this dress could accommodate someone who wears a 2, 4, or a slender 6. Item number 81619P - retails for $3000. You won't beat thi price! Sold as is. No Returns.
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Seller: SMorales (2)    Product Number: ZAD10003-gn
Shipping: $20
Size/Type: 4
Color: Gray
This gown is figure flattering and is a proven stand-out! No alterations made or needed since this gown's fabric has stretch and could accommodate sizes 2-6. This gown is gunmetal gray with silver, clear, and charcoal beading. Absolutely beautiful! Sold as is. No returns.
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Seller: SMorales (2)    Product Number: ZAD10004-gn
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