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Shipping: $30
Size/Type: 4
Color: White
"When you are so inspired by something the outcome becomes magical! This gown is gonna win a crown it's so breath taking"

This is what Gaspar said when he was making this gown! It was worn once. Orig $2300. GORGEOUS gown! Has a small train. Comes with the custom earrings he also made. The gown is amazing. So many compliments

Here are the custom measurements used.
Neck Opening: 7
Shoulder front: 14.5
Shoulder back: 16
Chest front: 14
Chest back:14
Bust: 35
Bust distance: 8
Waist: 26 1/2
Hip 1: 32 1/2
Hip 2: 37
Shoulder to bust: 9
Shoulder to waist (front)):14
Shoulder to waste(back) 14 1/2
Sleeve length: 20
Center (front) 13 1/2
Center (back) 14 1/2
Arm hole: 15
Bicep: 10
Dress length: I am 5'6 1/2 so I thought to add four inches for heels
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Seller: Boocock (18)    Product Number: ZRZ10027-gn
Shipping: 15.00
Size/Type: 6
Color: Multi-color
I am selling an adorable Tony Bowls (current year style) 3 piece set, that is two outfits. The black sleeveless top size 6 has a zipper back and goes with both skirts. There is one long skirt (size 6) and one short (size 4). They have not been altered. I am 5'7" tall and wore 3" heels. Both have tool skirts underneath with a lining. They were worn one weekend last summer and are like new. Hanger straps still on and original bag. They have been stored in a smoke-free home. Asking $195 FOR ALL 3 PIECES. Great for a party or fancy dinner out.Could wear long 2 piece for Prom and change into the short skirt for the after prom parties! Great deal!
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Seller: Boocock (18)    Product Number: ZRZ10024-ct
Shipping: 15.00
Color: (Not Specified)
This is a showstopper. This custom costume is awesome and made by Togatae Designs. Worn once last summer to tap "Fire Under My Feet" Leona Lewis. Stones and sparkle galore.....Back has red beaded straps. Black thick spandex material.
Measurements sent to seamstress:
Height- 5'6 1/2"
Bust- 34"
Waist- 26"
Hips/Booty- 37"
Wrist-5 1/2"
Sleeve- 21"
Crotch to floor- 26"
Average Dancewear Small top-Medium bottom

Check out their website. Very well made, classy costumes.

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Seller: Boocock (18)    Product Number: ZRZ10026-cs
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