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Name Becca
Date 7-3-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer
How did you hear about us? Google search
Message I just purchased a dress from hannahtealt and the process was very smooth. The dress just arrived in excellent condition, and I'm very satisfied!

Name Mark
Date 4-29-2014
Country Australia
Buyer or Seller? Buyer
How did you hear about us? internet
Message I have recently made a purchase from Pinkerbelle87's and had to write a review because it was just so easy her communication skills were excellent and I couldn't be happier with the swimsuit. Thank you so much for an excellent experience

Name Kaylyn R.
Date 4-4-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? buyer
How did you hear about us? Internet Search
Message I was weary about buying a dress from this site because there is no buyer protection. But, after the first dress I discovered people on this sight are very reliable and kind about all topics. I did business with marisavanah and she was very patient with all my questions and she sent the dress to me on priority shipping. I am grateful for everything she has done for me and I recommend others to do business with her as well.

Name pageant girl forever!!!!!
Date 3-12-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? not
How did you hear about us? looked it up and found it
Message I love this sight it's really cheap pageant dresses I was so happy that I found this sight!!!!!!!!

Name Catherine
Date 3-7-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
How did you hear about us? Internet Search
Message So far so good. I am somewhat concerned about the safety of the site and would like to know what people should do if they are contacted by a phisher posing as a buyer? Have there been any issues with sellers being scammed? Thanks and keep up the good work.
Response from Pageant Resale Hi Catherine! The internet can be a scary place, but please be assured we are always working to keep Pageant Resale as safe as possible for buyers and sellers. If you receive an email from a potential buyer who you feel may be a scammer, please forward it to us for review and we will be happy to help you determine the legitimacy of the email.

Name Patricia
Date 3-2-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
How did you hear about us? a friend
Message We have been selling dresses, pageant&prom gowns on your site for about two years now. Very pleased with your site.We have experienced successful transactions with buyers.Most people have been easy to work with.Happy we learned about Pageant Resale!Thank You!

Name Christina
Date 2-22-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer/seller
Message I contacted a seller several times and did not hear back. I recognized their user name so I found them on Facebook and sent a private message asking if they were still selling the dress and if she received my inquiries through pageantresale. She responded immediately that she was indeed still selling the dress and that she had not received any of my 3 inquiries. I'm worried now that possibly all of my items listed, interested buyers aren't able to reach me. Is there a way to find out why this is happening? Thank you in advance.
Response from Pageant Resale Hi Christina - it is very important that sellers add our email address - - to their white list or address book. All contact emails from the website come from this email address. You can also easily test your listings by "contacting" yourself to see if the emails are indeed coming through. If you are having difficulty receiving our emails, please contact us.

Name suzanne
Date 1-11-2014
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? seller
Message I have been using this site for over a year! I have sold several gowns and swim suits and have been very happy with this site. Most of the people that have contacted me are easy to work with and truly interested in purchasing the product they inquire about. Also, I have communicated with the administrative end of this site and have found them to be very helpful and quick to respond. I have used several other sites to sell our pageant clothes on and haven't had nearly the same amount of success!

Name Sandy Lunn
Date 12-9-2013
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer or trying to be one!
How did you hear about us? surfing the web
Message I have been trying to buy a dress from vzhong97, but cannot get a response! If the dress is still available, I want to buy it, but I don't know if I should start looking elsewhere or not, because I can't get a response. I even messaged the admins of this site, and STILL can't get an answer!!!! If I didn't like the dress as well as I do, I'd say the heck with it, and go elsewhere!!!!! Very disappointed!!!!!
Response from Pageant Resale Hi Sandy - I am sorry you are having difficulty reaching a seller. We do our best to assist, but we cannot force a response from them. The item may already be sold, or their responses may be going to your spam/junk folder. Please check or try another email address!

Name Liz Parra
Date 11-12-2013
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? seller
How did you hear about us? online
Message We decided to use this website "just to see what happened" 10 days later my daughter gown sold!! We are excited and happy, I really do wish there was a payment option on the site for the buyers, but, its not the end of the world, Paypal works great, and it gives you the opportunity to talk/ communicate with the buyer! We will add more listings, THANKS!!

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