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Name Janet
Date 4-15-2018
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
Website Pageant resale
How did you hear about us? Online
Message I have used this website numerous times in the past. Recently I paid for 2 listings ($12). My PayPal transaction has been completed for over a week and the listings are still "pending". I'm hoping this will be resolved knowing my personal history of using this website in the past has been nothing but positive. However, after 3 unanswered emails and reading a similar review I am wondering what's going on?

Name Monica
Date 4-13-2018
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
Website Pageant resale
How did you hear about us? Internet
Message I paid the seller fee thru paypal, and 10 days later my listing is still not showing up. I have emailed them three times with no response.I'm not sure why my listing has not been processed. Will never use this site again. Just 6 bucks, but it's the principle of it!

Name Jennifer
Date 2-24-2018
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer
How did you hear about us? Found online
Message Great first experience. My questions were answered quickly, and seller graciously accepted a PayPal payment as I was nervous. Received the gown in 2 days and it was in amazing shape. Excellent price and condition.

Name Kandice
Date 11-29-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
Message I have sold multiple pageant gowns and have listed many more on Pageant Resale. I keep coming back because it is easy to use. I have only had one problem with a seller. But the site it's self and it's owner have been very helpful to me. She answers all of my multiple emails and questions. Obviously, you have to think with your head when selling and buying. If the person can't show more photos of the gown or wants to pay via western union, those are red flags. Thank you for creating a site that is perfect for the pageant queen!

Name Kristen Gatlin
Date 9-25-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
Message This place is a breeding ground for scammers. IF ANYONE TELLS YOU THEY CANNOT USE PAYPAL FOR ANY REASON... MOVE ON! Do not wait for a certified check and if you do choose to trust that...DO NOT DEPOSIT IT INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Under any circumstances!

Name Kim Bezanson
Date 9-22-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Seller
How did you hear about us? Friend
Message Hannah Burns tried to scam me. Texted me at all hours of the night, then sent a fake check for 1250.00 for a 250.00 dress. Quickly asked me to reimburse back the extra 1000.00:( Didn't fall for it, but be careful with checks.

Name Christina D
Date 3-29-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer
Message Love love love this website! My only complaint is when I contact a seller about a dress I'm interested in, I have no way to trace back which dress it was, and then it sounds sketchy when I have to ask the seller which dress I inquired about.

Name Leah wilson
Date 3-21-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? Buyer
How did you hear about us? Looking on line for a dress
Message I bought a dress from Ameliascloset. Pnzrx10093-ch.. it was a pleasure to do business with her and the dress was just as she said ... loved it pictures didn't do the dress justice ...THANK YOU SO MUCH...AMELIASCLOSET

Name Pam campbell
Date 3-12-2017
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? SELLER
Website Pageantresale
Message I have a difficult buyer she contacted me of interest of a gown but put Pay Pal for only half of what I asked for so I refunded her money on Pay Pal and cancelled the invoice. Just in case she states something like I have mental issues/ I consider her a scammer/ So disappointed!

Name Anna Stanley
Date 8-27-2016
Country USA
Buyer or Seller? buyer
Message As the author of several books on pageantry, I will be including Pageant Resale in the pages of my next book, Producing Beauty Pageants: Director's Guide, 2nd Ed! ~Anna Stanley

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