Gaspar Cruz Custom Stunning White Gown With Beading

Shipping: $30
Size/Type: 4
"When you are so inspired by something the outcome becomes magical! This gown is gonna win a crown it's so breath taking"

This is what Gaspar said when he was making this gown! It was worn once. Orig $2300. GORGEOUS gown! Has a small train. Comes with the custom earrings he also made. The gown is amazing. So many compliments

Here are the custom measurements used.
Neck Opening: 7
Shoulder front: 14.5
Shoulder back: 16
Chest front: 14
Chest back:14
Bust: 35
Bust distance: 8
Waist: 26 1/2
Hip 1: 32 1/2
Hip 2: 37
Shoulder to bust: 9
Shoulder to waist (front)):14
Shoulder to waste(back) 14 1/2
Sleeve length: 20
Center (front) 13 1/2
Center (back) 14 1/2
Arm hole: 15
Bicep: 10
Dress length: I am 5'6 1/2 so I thought to add four inches for heels
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