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4/16/2014 12:00 AM Updated on: 4/16/2014 11:17 AM

We often get questions from buyers and sellers about the safest way to make a purchase or sale online.  Our answer is always the same - PAYPAL.  Paypal offers buyer and seller protection, and can assist you in getting your money back, if necessary.  Today we are covering some of the details regarding Paypal's buyer protection program and tips for safe shopping.  For a complete overview of Paypal Buyer Protection click here

Paypal purchases made all over the web are protected by Buyer Protection.  There are a few eligibility requirements though for a purchase to be covered.

  • Paypal must be used for payment
  • The full amount of the item must be made in one payment, not multiple installments
  • A dispute must be filed within 45 days of the payment if there is an issue
  • Paypal account must be in good standing

 If you ever run into an issue with a seller, Paypal is there to help you.  You can utilize the Resolution Center through your Paypal account to activate your buyer protection.  Again, full details can be found here.

While Paypal is, in our opinion, the safest form of payment online, we understand our sellers sometimes request other forms such as check, money order, or money wire.  We do not recommend utilizing money wire under any circumstance.  Personal check or money order by mail are also not protected, and therefore, not recommended by Pageant Resale.

Additional Tips:

  • Ask lots of questions! Buyers who ask questions are often more likely to uncover issues before making a purchase.  Get details about condition, sizing, measurements, and coloring in writing.  Saving those emails can help you should you need to file a dispute later.
  • Find out the shipping details and request a tracking number from the seller. 
  • Follow your gut.  If a seller seems unresponsive, untrustworthy, or just plain "fishy" to you, don't go through with a purchase.  You often will know if something doesn't seem right, so follow that intuition!
  • Insist on using Paypal for payment.  If a seller is pushing you towards another method you are uncomfortable with, do not make the purchase.
  • Contact Pageant Resale and Paypal before an issue escalates.  We are happy to assist you if possible, and can sometimes mediate the situation.  We also keep track of complaints against sellers and will ban a seller if necessary.

We hope these tips will help you feel more comfortable making purchases on Pageant Resale and throughout the web.  Please contact us with any additional questions or comments.  Happy shopping!


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