News and Announcements email addresses are most likely scam artists. Please ignore any communication coming from a email address. We are continuing to block those who are identified as scammers, but as a preventative measure, ignoring jetable email addresses is recommended.

PLEASE READ: Recently, we have been alerted to various scam artists attempting to contact sellers on our website. Email scammers are prevalent online, and can attempt contact through many forms, including websites like Pageant Resale.

Buyer Protection Tips

April 16, 2014

Tips for safe purchasing on the web utilizing Paypal. Click for details! is a brand new sister website for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding parties. Please click to learn more about this exciting new venture, and how to list your bridal items with us!

AOL email addresses

October 21, 2013

For those sellers who utilize email addresses, we have been notified that AOL is blocking some of our emails from reaching you. Please change your email address in your seller account to a non-AOL email address to ensure delivery of messages.

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