About The Dressing Room

The Pageant Resale Dressing Room makes it easy to compare your favorite listings and contact sellers.

  1. Click the        icon for any product you wish to add to the dressing room.
  2. As you add items to your dressing room, you will be able to quickly refer back and review the listings. You can add and delete items from the room as you see fit.
  3. Once you have decided which items you want to learn more about, contact the sellers directly using the Contact Form on each listing.

YOUR DRESSING ROOM IS NOT SAVED AFTER YOU LEAVE PAGEANT RESALE. Please make sure you write down the product numbers of any items you are interested in before leaving our website. The dressing room will not be saved for your next visit. You can search product numbers in the search bar on the right hand side to easily find your products again at a later date.


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