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After beginning in the dorm room of a college student, Pageant Resale went live on the web in 2006.  Rachel Henry, a pageant contestant, noticed her pageant closet was overflowing with gowns, jewelry, and shoes. 
An internet junkie at heart, she visited Ebay to attempt to reduce her closet inventory, and gain some extra cash.  Rachel quickly realized the Ebay fees for listing or selling a $500 gown were more than she was willing to part with.  After some quick research, she was amazed to find there was no other outlet for selling her pageant wardrobe, and the idea for Pageant Resale was born.
Since 2006, Pageant Resale has grown and changed significantly.  The most recent change being the launch of our brand new website in 2011.  The website offers a more personalized experience for sellers, giving them more control over inventory and pricing.  Additionally, buyers on the site are viewing a much more sleek and functional design, with the ability to enlarge photos and have immediate contact with sellers.
Over the years we have grown in inventory, buyers, sellers, and viewers.  With over 3000 Facebook fans, 1000 email subscribers, 1200 registered sellers, and 3000 items posted for sale, we are extremely proud of the community we have built.  Thank you to those who have been with us since the beginning, and for those of you who are new, welcome! 

Our 2012 interview with Pageant Professors discusses how we got started, tips and tricks, and some of the new things coming your way!


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